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All About Me

Art and creativity have been a part of me for as long as I can remember. Enjoying drawing and painting since childhood, I furthered my love for them through school and other opportunities. I spent many years of my adulthood creating wall art for homes, churches, schools and a hospital. Now in my early 50's, I find myself  being drawn into impressionism and abstract designs with acrylics, This is where my imagination flourishes - a blank canvas before me and a wide array of artistry to explore.

Though I've had my hands in art for many years, only recently have I come to a better understanding of what that creativity entails. Over the past few years, events in my life have not only bled out trauma and tragedy, but also moments of pause that birthed new awakenings. As I observe the world around me, the Designer's handiwork speaks in brilliant and bold colors, as exhilarating as a crisp spring morning. My mind dances at such seemingly untamed beauty. Not only am I in awe, being completely captivated by it all, I ache to share in it's lavish beauty. So, I invite you along with me, as we experience His awesome wonders, in hope that it awakens your senses while encouraging a more intimate connection with a Divine Creator.





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